When you travel, you want to maximize the budget and enjoy your destination. So, you look for ways to find the most affordable insurance that will provide the cover you need. Here are some tips for you:

#1- Select the insurance plan that works for you
There are 3 levels of travel insurance travel that you can choose from- basic, medium, and comprehensive. As the cover increases, so is the cost. Consider the following before choosing the plan:

  • Budget- How much are you willing to pay?
  • Need- Aside from essentials like trip cancellation and medical expenses, other benefits depend on your travel plans and personal circumstances.
  • Comfort- If you feel okay with the basic cover, go for it. If you want to avoid potential risks, choose a comprehensive policy.

#2- Avoid unnecessary options
Tailor suit your insurance to fit your travel plans. It may require you to add optional
covers that will provide you maximum protection like high-value personal items cover,
winter sports cover, golf cover, adventure sports cover, and rental car excess cover.

#3- Refrain buying from an airline or travel agency
It is convenient to buy a travel policy when you book your flight. However, you will be paying more than the actual premium. Travel agents can be 2 ½ more expensive while airlines are 3 times more. So, go directly to a travel insurer.

#4- Check out travel insurance discounts
Many travel insurance agencies give seasonal special offers that can save you a lot of money. Take advantage of coupon codes and promos, multi-policy discounts when you buy another kind of cover, discounts for online buyers, and discounts given to special members or customers. But, always check the features of the discounted policy if it suits your travel needs.

#5- Opt for a multi-trip insurance policy
If you travel most of the time, consider buying a multi-trip policy that provides cover year- round. The limit applies to your maximum stay every trip but gives you the same benefits of the single-trip policy.

#6- Combine your policy with your travel friend
Get a combined cover with one policy if you are traveling with family members or friends. Agree on the level of policy cover to save money.

Finally, be honest. Disclose everything especially your pre-existing health issues to avoid cancellation of your insurance or claim refusal. Be wise too!