What You Need to Know About Outsourcing in the Philippines

Outsourcing is probably one of the most popular business decisions of brands these days. And when outsourcing is mentioned, why are the Philippines often brought up as well? When did the Philippines become known for outsourcing?

For those who are not yet familiar, outsourcing is a business practice where certain operations of a company are delegated to a group outside the organization. This would come off as a surprise for those who are used to doing everything within their company.

You can have part of your operations outsourced for various reason without the quality of your output suffering. Cost and work efficiency are just some benefits of outsourcing. Going back to the previous question once again, why the Philippines then?

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) Boom – In the early years of 2000, business process outsourcing centers were established in the Philippines. This started the BPO boom in the country. This decision came about because of the decisions of multi-national companies to increase efficiency and at the same minimize costs.

Eventually, other companies followed suit – effectively establishing BPO centers year after year in several locations in the country. This is how the Philippine BPO industry is still expanding up to now.

Skills – Most Filipinos are equipped with exceptional English-speaking and writing skills which is very helpful in outsourcing. Knowledge in English has enabled the Filipinos to reach out more to international clients. These skills in communication have been widely used and are very popular in remote tasks such customer services, data entry, text support and online transcription.

Language skill plus some technical training has given the Philippines an edge in the outsourcing industry. It also helped that Filipinos are adaptable in most situations and they can provide service to multi-national companies with more ease.

Experience – It was discussed earlier how outsourcing started in the Philippines that when you think about it – there’s now an almost 20 years of history behind it now. Through the years, Filipinos have been trained in various areas such as outsource customer service, data management, transcription services online, operations as well as technical support and have provided exceptional services to different countries. Not to mention, different time zones as well.

They have weathered the 20 years, encountering different technologies, clients, and working environment. The Filipinos have adapted well. The industry won’t have this longevity if not for the resilience and experience of the citizens.

They are now “experts” of the outsourcing industry and it can still grow. There is still so much potential.

And these are just a few trivia you should know about outsourcing and the Philippines. It’s actual very fascinating to see how this industry grew through the years and how it’s still getting better in time. It’s would also be interesting to know what’s in store in the future for this industry too.

Why is Outsourcing the Rage These Days?

Outsourcing – it is a word commonly used nowadays related to work.  Why is it common? Why is it popular these days? Why are some companies turning to this option? Are there any big advantages to it?

Simply put, outsourcing is a practice where certain tasks within an organization are delegated outside the company. It’s undeniably a popular option these days and it is rightfully so. Why are more brands turning to this process these days?

Getting back on track. – When you have started your brand alone or with a small team, you might probably remember the time that every task is still manageable. You can accomplish everything and operations are running smoothly.

However, growth is an inevitable change. You may expand, change your goals, and you’re no longer the same as before. Previously, it only takes a small team to manage your page. Your growth has made that impossible already.

A mistake some groups do – they try to do everything all at once. They try to check everything off from the to-do list, it doesn’t matter if it was a job well done. It’s become enough that they have crossed it off from the list.

What do you expect from that? What’s the result of a job haphazardly done at the shortest time possible? Less than ideal results, that’s what you’ll get.

When your company grows, you can’t do everything all at once and expect to get the same results. However, to maintain your website – you can always outsource.

Outsourcing allows you to delegate other tasks and lets you focus on more important decisions. Outsourcing gets you back on track.  It keeps you from running your brand into the ground.

Having the best of both worlds. – We all have to admit that if we have our strengths we also have our weaknesses. It goes the same for work. It’s impossible to be good at everything. You can’t claim to be the expert of everything. That’s just not humanly possible.

However, you can have the best of both worlds in your brand. You may not have the skills and talent for everything but you can outsource tasks you do not do well on to people who do a magnificent job on it.

You can focus on what you are good at and you outsource the rest. It makes you and your company more effective. You can accomplish more in the same amount of time.

To summarize, outsourcing enables your company to be more efficient. When we get overwhelmed with the tasks and believe we can do everything, outsourcing gets us back on track.